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My name is Jonathan Wilde. I was on air in Denver radio for over 20 years. Maybe you even used to listen to me! In June of 2017, I suddenly lost my job doing the morning show at KOSI 101. Previous to that, listeners had been following my new found love for accent wall projects in my own home. Weeks after losing my job, I realized it was time to do something totally different. I took this new love and started a company called Colorado Wood Accent. We specialize in wood accent walls like shiplap and reclaimed wood. Building that brand, I realized how cool barn doors are and how they fit into the business plan so well. So, less than a year later, I decided it's time to start a sister company specializing in custom barn doors--many made locally by hand.  My motto now; "God closes one door and opens up another Barn Door!"

At Rocky Mountain Barn Doors, our goal is to be THE local barn door supplier in Denver and the Rocky Mountain West.  We strive to offer the best quality doors at the best quality price.  That's our promise. Thanks for giving us the chance to enhance your home.


"Snickers" my assistant.  All comfy on the couch next to my desk. 

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